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Star Pheonix

The HMS Star Pheonix is a fictional star ships,of The  Colonial Alliance of Worlds,that served the Colonial Federation of Space.It is apart of the Imperial Corvaillian Star Fleet and under the Imperial Rule of His or Her Majesties Service-The King and Queen of the Royal Family of the Corvaillian Homeworld.The HMS Star Pheonix is a Sixth Rate Super Star Destroyer,Corvaillian Frigate Class,whose of this class support multiple exploratory, diplomatic, and — when needed — adversarial missions. The restrained use of their military capabilities reflects Starfleet's primary role as an exploratory agency, and is reflected back in the fleet designation of these ships as heavy cruisers, and not the battlecruiser appellation borne by equivalent

'''Sixth rate''' was the designation used by the [[Royal Navy]] for small warships mounting between 20 and 24 nine-pounder guns on a single deck, sometimes with guns on the upper works and sometimes without. 

Sixth-rate ships typically had a [[crew]] of about 150-240 men, and measured between 450 and 550 tons. A 28-gun ship would have about 19 officers; commissioned officers would include the [[Captain (Royal Navy)|captain]], and two [[lieutenant]]s; [[warrant officer]]s would include the [[Sailing master#Sailing master|master]], [[ship's surgeon]], and [[purser]].  The other quarterdeck officers were the [[chaplain]] and a [[Royal Marines]] lieutenant.  The ship also carried the standing warrant officers, the [[Artillery|gunner]], the [[bosun]] and the [[Carpentry|carpenter]], and two [[master's mate]]s, four [[midshipman|midshipmen]], an [[surgeon's mate|assistant surgeon]], and a [[captain's clerk]].<ref name="Lavery328">{{cite book|last=Lavery|first=Brian|title=Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organization|year=1989|location=Annapolis, Md|publisher=Naval Institute Press|isbn=0870212583|page=328}}</ref>  The rest of the men were the crew, or the 'lower deck'. They slept in hammocks and ate their simple meals at tables, sitting on wooden benches. A sixth rate carried about 23 marines, while in a strong crew the bulk of the rest were experienced seamen rated 'able' or 'ordinary'. In a weaker crew there would be a large proportion of 'landsmen', adults who were unused to the sea.

The larger sixth rates were those of 28 guns (including four smaller guns mounted on the quarterdeck) and were classed as [[frigate]]s.  The smaller sixth rates with between 20 and 24 guns, still all [[ship rig|ship-rigged]] and sometimes [[flush deck|flush-decked]] vessels, were known as "[[post ship]]s" because, being ''rated'', they were still large enough to have a [[post-captain]] in command, instead of a [[Lieutenant#Naval_rank|lieutenant]] or [[Commander#Royal_Navy|commander]]. 

During the Trojan Wars, the by now elderly sixth-rate frigates were found to be too small for the duties expected of a [[fifth-rate]] frigate, and were refitted with many upgrades to continue their preformance duties.

''HMS Star Pheonix''. name            =
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| j
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| genre = [[Space opera]], [[Military science fiction]], [[Adventure (genre)|Adventure]]
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| first           = October 6, 1974
| last            = March 30, 1975
| episodes        = 26
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| first           = November 1974
| last            = April 1975
| volumes         = 3
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| caption    = A  Class Heavy Cruiser
| first      =
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| armaments  = [[Weapons of #AP cannons|AP Cannons]]<br/>[[Weapons of the HMS Star Pheonix #Point defense lasers|Point defense lasers]]<br/> [[Weapons of HMS Star Pheonix#Smart missiles|Smart missiles]]<br> [[Weapons of HMS Star Pheonix#Smart bullets|Smart bullets]]<br/> [[Nova bomb )|Nova Bombs]]
| defense    = High tension armor<br/> Ablative armor<br/> Reactive armor<br/> Battle blades
| fighters   = Slip fighters
| propulsion = [[Slipstream (science fiction)|Slipstream]]
| power      = Fusion reactors

The Star Pheonix first appears  refers to them as a tramp freighter star ship,shaped like a hawk or falcon.It was originally conceived as a kind of knock off Millenium Falcon type star ship,with elements of Hawks Star Fighter,from the Buck Rogers tv series.It was at one point conceived as the star ship of either Captain Toreus Rhann or Antillus Sojat.At this point it a flaming star ship,that protected by some sort plasma based force shield,feeding off it's warp drive somehow.This was later dropped,in favor of using them characters of either an alternate earth,where dinosaurs existed along a human Hyborean Age like world called Terra Two or New Terra-a reverence to some earlier Toreus The Slayer material or later adventures on Terra-PrimeThe idea of it being an"Imperial Corvaillian star cruiser" or Cutter class Frigate Star Ship came much,when the star ship was used as a kind of newer version of Lord Ironwolf's or Cody Starbuck's Limerick Rack,combining elements of the Star Destroyers of Star Wars,.

In the original draft scripts of the movie that would become ''Star Wars'', the term "Stardestroyer" refers to two-man fighters flown by what would become the  built a 91-centimeter shooting model of the ship for '' they built a 259-centimeter model, equipped with internal lighting to provide a better sense of scale, for


''Imperial''-class Star Destroyers are constructed by  Drive Yards and hold a distinguished place in the [[Imperial Navy (Star|Imperial Navy]], symbolizing the Empire's military might with a peak number of more than 25,000 vessels. Like the ''Victory''- and ''Venator''-class ships that precede it, the Imperial Star Destroyer is most notable for its massive size and overwhelming firepower; a single ''Imperial''-class ship is capable of overwhelming most starships or devastating a hostile planet, and its mere presence is often enough to deter rebellion. At 1,600 meters long, ''Imperial''-class Star Destroyers are armed with turbolasers, ion cannons and tractor beam projectors.<ref name="ImpSB" /> They carry 72 [[Star fighter]]s, numerous ground forces (including [[Imperial stormtroopers|stormtroopers]], 20 [[AT-AT]]s and 30 [[AT-ST]]s), a prefabricated base for rapid deployment to planetary surfaces and a variety of support and landing craft.<ref name="ImpSB" />Capable of high-endurance, independent operations, XMCs are often called upon to perform disaster relief and refugee support operations due to their spacious interiors and ability to ferry large quantities of emergency supplies and additional personnel.During peacetime, XMCs are most often tasked with independent intergalactic exploration, charting and documenting the star systems of the Local Cluster. They are also the preferred platform for first contact missions, given their formidable combat capabilities and their ability to operate without a battlegroup - often critical to assuring potential Commonwealth members that the High Guard comes in peace.They are also the preferred platform for first contact missions, given their formidable combat capabilities and their ability to operate without a battlegroup - often critical to assuring potential Commonwealth members that the High Guard comes in peace.

Following the climactic [[Battle of Endor]], the [[Rebel Alliance]] captured several ''Imperial''-class ships and added them to their own fleet. As the Rebel Alliance transitioned into the [[ Republic]] and gradually took large portions of the galaxy from the remnants of the Empire, it was able to procure more of the powerful ships as well as the vital shipyards and facilities with which to operate them. Although the New Republic eventually upgrades its starfleet with newer ship types, the ''Imperial''-class Star Destroyer remains in service well into the ''' era and fights during the [[Yuuzhan Vong]] war.<ref name="NJOSB" />
== Features ==
The class design consists of a standard tear drop shape similar to a sea fairing vessel and submarine, eleven-deck-thick primary Command Bridge Tower, separatable from the lower connected to a cylindrical secondary decks,that include crews section,the Forward and Aft Torpedo Rooms,Medical Sickbay,the lower Hangar Decks and main Engineering or Engine Room Decks from which spring angled pylons supporting the vessel's engines in two nacelles fully half the ship's length. The class is armed for combat, with offensive weaponry including [ photon torpedo] launchers and [ phaser] banks, and defensive shields. The separation of was a rare event in the 63rd century, undertaken in emergencies; led from an auxiliary bridge, the secondary decks and nacelles retain [ FTL] warp capabilities, while the main bridge and primary saucer are relegated to sublight propulsion from aft-mounted impulse engines.The lower Hangar Decks include Shuttle Craft,Space Mobiles for short outer hull exturtions,Space Chariots,for planetary survey and defence,two '''[[Dropship]] hangar bays,a large hangar for the HMS Star Pheonix II,the Torpedo Gun Ships and forward Whisper Space Probe Bays.'''
=== Main systems ===

The ''HMS Star Pheonix'' has three bridges; Bridge 1 contains the helm, radar, communications and command positions (including those for engineering and ship's defences), and is the scene of much of the action and interaction in the series. In the second season it gains a time radar system capable of viewing a region of space as it appeared hours previously.

At the top of the command tower is the Captain's personal quarters, a chair on a vertical track giving him the option of moving to his command post in Bridge 1 quickly. Either side of the main bridge are radar units, and below is Bridge 2, the main navigation centre of the ship. Directly below the command tower, on the underside of the ship, is Bridge 3; it is featured significantly only once, when the ''HMS Star Pheonix'' was upside-down in the [[methane]] sea on [[Pluto]], and seems to exist largely to be blown off the ship dramatically. There are also observation domes either side of the command tower, and larger windowed sections either side of the main hull.

Elsewhere aboard the ship are a conference room (with a large floor-mounted screen) and a hologram chamber (the "resort room") for projecting images of Earth to combat [[homesickness]] (and which was nearly identical in purpose and function to the [[holodeck]] that would be used in the '' more than a decade later--but was first introduced in the. There is also a cryogenics chamber in which much of the crew apparently sleeps during the series (most notably female crew members, as Scarlet O'Brian is the only woman seen aboard after episode 10 of the first season). An engineering and development section contains an automated multi-purpose construction unit capable of building any required device. More mundane locations include the surgery, galley, stateroom and gym. Travel within the ship is achieved by means of lifts, moving walkways and, for emergencies, chutes.''

=== Propulsion ===

* The the ship's main engine, based on alien technology; it is capable of converting the vacuum of space into [[tachyon]] energy. As well as functioning like a normal rocket engine, and providing essentially infinite power to the ship, it enables the Star Pheonix to "ride" the wave of tachyons and travel faster than light; in its first test it travels from Earth's [[Moon]] to [[Mars]] in one minute. However, this feature must be activated with perfect timing (by a human navigator), at a point when space at the origin and destination are in the correct phase, otherwise the ship could become lost in the fourth dimension.
*  twin jets below the main engine port, used for quick bursts of speed. When the Star Pheonix first launches, the Wave Motion Engine is not yet ready and the auxiliary engine is used instead.

* to provide lift in atmospheric environments, two large [[wing]]s unfold from the sides of the hull, fully-functional with [[aileron]]s.

*  either side of the bow are rocket-powered anchors at the ends of strong chains, which theStar Pheonix can use to anchor itself to asteroids and, if necessary, provide a gravity-assisted slingshot. They can also be used to deflect enemy ships from collision.
===Power and drive systems===
''Liberator'' has a continuously recharging antimatter power supply that supposedly would last forever without the need of fuel. However, if the ship operated with every system activated it would drain the power supply down within two hours causing shut down until sufficient power was recharged.

The ship could repair itself when damaged. During such critical repair times, Zen would prioritize the survival of the ''Liberator'' over the well-being of the crew, going so far as to deactivate life support in order to reroute power to repair devices. The auto-repair systems themselves would even attack anyone trying to keep them from their work.

''HMS Star Pheonix's'' main drive consisted of a dimensional engine with ultralight speed capability; speeds were always stated in the form "standard by...", followed by the relevant number to multiply the "standard" ''Liberator'' speed by. It was never specified in the series what the "standard" speed was. In "Space Fall" when the new crew tell Zen they want a course for Cygnus Alpha, and Zen asks for the speed, Blake's answer is half a question. "Standard?"

The Federation used a "time distort" scale, but this term was never a term used by Zen or the ''Liberator's'' crew. Cally believed the ship could easily achieve a velocity of "standard by 12" and was considered one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. In the episode "Harvest of Kairos", the ''Liberator'' scanned a ship resembling a lunar module and, sensing a slightly more advanced ship due to Avon's artificial sopron, declared it to be capable of "Standard by twelve point two zero three", suggesting ''Liberator's'' capacity to be slightly below that. Star Pheonix'' engaged with a fleet of Federation ships was observed accelerating away at a speed of TD-20. The fastest known Federation pursuit ships of the Starburst class had a known maximum (emergency) speed of TD-10 and the ''Liberator'' could easily outrun them. Standard by 6 became the ''Liberator's'' standard cruising speed in deep space. Speeds of less than TD-0 were considered sub-light speeds.''

It appears that the Time Distort scale was exponential so that 'Standard by 12' equalling TD-20 would have been far in excess of double TD-10.

==The ship's [[artificial intelligence]] (AI).==

The ship has an [[artificial intelligence]] (AI). '''' appears to the crew in three formats: on the two-dimensional monitors; as a three-dimensional [[holographic projection]]; and as the avatar In the Imperial Corvaillian Star Service, AIs are considered officers as part of their own crew. An avatar is a humanoid representation of an intelligence, and Star Pheonix is shown to have the above mentioned holographic and [[android]] avatars that represent the [[wikt:personality|personality]] and physical representation of the ship's AI, in this case in the form of a [[human]] [[female]]. the ship's engineer, , builds an [[android]] as her second avatar, which can interact with the holographic avatar and the monitors, and also travel, walk and act outside the ship. refer to the monitor and hologram manifestations as "Core" and "Logic", respectively.'''

===Security system===
The Star Pheonix was protected by a telepathic security system which was the first device installed Stark Starship,Inc, and helped the Command Bridge Crew and Engine Room control of the ship.The Star Pheonix is a vast sections that make parially a bioship composed of living composents that was partially self-aware and helps steer the star ship faster in interstellar manuevers and combat situations.This system,based partially [[Galaxian]] [[Techno Organic ]] [[Technology]],is linked to the star ships Artificial Intellegence and [[Rhandarian Navigational Computers]] or [[Rhandarian Nav Com]]

, Seen used on the flight deck, the system projected a mental image of someone the target trusted, or loved. , he saw members of his murdered family and friends. In creating the images, the system attempted to lure the target closer to a deadly sphere of energy. remembered that his family was executed and didn't believe what he was seeing. As a result, he blasted the images with his weapon which disabled the security system. Prior to this, the system managed to kill almost all the crew sent aboard to seize the ship.

The ship was also equipped with a valuable matter [[teleportation]] system (similar to a [[Transporter (Star Trek)|transporter]] in the ''[[Star Trek]]'' series), a technology which the Federation was trying to develop on their own without success. Blake indicated that the device sends matter along energy signals similar to radio waves. Little was known about the technology itself.

The teleport system was located in a small room and consisted of a slightly elevated platform and a large control console for setting teleport coordinates and activating the system. The teleport created a shimmering effect on the subject which quickly faded away. Arrival off-ship produced a white glowing field visible only at its periphery that converged into an outline of the subject inside of which the subject materialized before the field would fade away. The process is reversed when teleported to the ship: a field surrounds the subject, the subject fades, the field suddenly expands, and the subject shimmers back into the teleport bay.

Teleported personnel had to wear a bracelet device to leave and return to the ship. The bracelets also served as communicators and contained a material called Aquitar (or "something similar" as indicated by Blake), which was believed to be necessary for the teleport to function.

Although  had captured some of these bracelets, the teleport required the machinery aboard the ''Liberator'' to function. Likewise, unworn bracelets will not teleport without being attached to someone. There were at least twenty bracelets on the ', and eleven of them were lost, destroyed or damaged throughout the series. However, the ''Liberator'' was evidently capable of creating more as a full bank of 28 bracelets. The teleport signal could be blocked by energy screens and electronic jamming equipment. Usually the signal simply had to be adjusted outside the frequencies of such devices in order to get through.

Although the ''HMS Star Pheonix'' had a hangar bay, she carried no shuttle craft and gave no outward appearance of an ability to land, suggesting the teleport as a necessary piece of equipment. , Zen declared, "Forward navigation probes report approach speed inconsistent with safe planetfall," as the ship nearly collided with the cloaked meteoroid Sardos, suggesting that safe "planetfall" was possible given the proper conditions.

The closest evidence of the ship ever "landing" was in which it was gravitationally held on an artificial floor by the being called Tharn who sought to drain the ship of herculanium alloy for his gravity generator. The ''HMS Star Pheonix'' was properly docked when recovered by the System within a hangar in , where approach and departure were depicted with an aircraft runway at night on the main screen. The third closest landing was in where the ship was conveyed into a hangar and restrained by huge metal bars interlocking between the nacelles and the main hull. The ''HMS Star Pheonix'''s power and structural integrity was sufficient to break out of this restraint and escape.

There is evidence that the ' has successfully landed or took off from a planetary surface.The Star Pheonix can even submerge underwater like a submarine.Yet to do so,it must make all outer doors are watertight and activate ballast tanks.It also must convert,it's sensor systems to sonsar systems.

The Star Pheonix  controlled, by and large, by the computer system called "Zen". This computer had master control over all of the ship's functions and acted as a coordinating central point for the crew on board. Zen typically relayed ship status and information from the detector arrays and contained a vast archive of navigational data. Zen was normally voice activated, but it could also gather information via telepathy, although it only used this latter ability after it had read Jenna's mind (when she touched a control console for the first time, as part of its internal defence system). Zen however, could be less than helpful at times and usually gave the "silent treatment" if it disagreed with the crew's commands or attitudes.

If need be, Zen could be overridden on certain functions, however because the ''HMS Star Pheonix'' was such a complex ship, without Zen's precise balance, the ship could easily go out of control. [[Orac (Blake's 7)|Orac]] had the ability to take over computers with processors called "tarial cells" and was able to take control of Zen suggesting Zen used similar devices. Orac was also essential in deleting the System's "root access" to Zen and the ''Liberator's'' computers which had been used to retake the ''Liberator'' for a short time. Throughout its life, Zen never made reference to itself in the first person until it was failing under the corrosion onslaught in "Terminal" in which its last words were "I have failed you. I am sorry. I ..."

===Offensive and defensive systems=== ===

HMS Star Pheonix was armed  contains a large number of offensive and defensive weapons of varying degree of power.utilizes many types of weapons, ranging from energy weapons, projectiles to point singularity weapons. Most projectile weapons carry some sort of limited intelligence allowing them to be more effective in combat. [[]] war-ships are able to produce their own projectiles on board with raw materials.

with three powerful [[neutron]] blaster cannons with one cannon mounted at the end of each of the three nacelles (turrets or pylons). The weapons were so powerful that a [[radiation]] flare shield had to be raised before activation to protect the crew and most targets were vaporized with a single hit.

The ship could also fire [[plasma (physics)|plasma]] bolts and a salvo of "seeker" [[missiles]] which could decimate planet-side ground targets. ''HMS Star Pheonix's'' hull was covered with a material called "herculanium" which was impervious to almost all but the heaviest weapon fire. ''Star Pheonix'' could easily withstand the assault of several warships before taking serious damage. Herculanium was explained as an alloy, but also referenced as an element.

Using technology on board the ''HMS Star Pheonix'', Avon developed a practical [[Cloak of invisibility|"detector shield"]] for the ship  The shield made ''Star Pheonix'' effectively invisible to any sensors save for a close range visual scan, allowing Blake to make a daring attack on the Federation's military headquarters space station causing extensive damage before the defending ships could respond.

By the time  The Federation had apparently copied Avon's idea, (at least a limited form), using it to launch a massive attack on the ''Liberator'' with upwards of twenty pursuit ships. ''HMS Star Pheonix'' was pounded with at least ten plasma bolts in rapid succession, but her superior speed let her break out of their attack pattern and retreat, albeit with severe damage to her defences. The ''HMS Star Pheonix'' was also equipped with a defensive "force wall" capability, but its usage resulted in a heavy drain on the energy banks (as did the extensive use of the neutron blasters).Weaponry / defences ===

* The the "trump card" of the ''HMS Star Pheonix'', the Wave Motion Gun functions by connecting the Wave Motion Engine to the enormous firing gate at the ship's bow, enabling the [[tachyon]] energy power of the engine to be fired in a stream directly forwards. Enormously powerful, it can vapourise a fleet of enemy ships with one shot; however, it takes a brief but critical period to charge before firing. It also requires all non-essential power systems be deactivated, and leaves the ship powerless and adrift for a short time after firing, though these aspects are not dwelled upon after the initial test in [[Jupiter]]'s atmosphere. The [[recoil]] absorption mechanism can be manually deactivated with a lever; this is used to save the ship on one occasion.

* the three 45.9cm and two 15.5cm three-barrelled gun turrets of the original ''HMS Star Pheonix'' have been converted into powerful energy guns. Each turret fires three energy beams which spiral around each other to form a single, more powerful beam, capable of severely damaging or destroying enemy warships. The cannons are operated by seated human controllers, aiming orders generally shouted from bridge 1. In addition to firing energy blasts, the guns can be loaded with other ammunition, most notably cartridges containing the devices used in the Rotating Asteroid Defence (see below). In the movie ''Be Forever, HMS Star Pheonix'' they are used to fire missiles containing Wave Motion energy, which even with a hundredth the power of the Wave Motion Gun cause tremendous destruction.

* based on the 25 mm and 13 mm anti-aircraft machine guns of the original ''HMS Star Pheonix'', the Pulse Lasers are a set of two- and four-barrelled gun turrets lining the sides of the spaceship, firing energy pulses which can destroy fighters and detonate missiles. The turret clusters generally aim at the same targets; it is not stated in the series whether each contains a gunner, or whether they are controlled from a central source.

*  six forward-firing photon torpedo tubes, principally for use underwater and in space.

* : a set of anti-missile missiles launched from missile ports in the hull of the HMS Star Pheonix; rather than hitting directly, they explode at a safe distance and form an energy web that detonates incoming missiles.

* : rocket missiles fired vertically from what was once the smoke stack of the original ''HMS Star Pheonix''.

* The : a fleet of fighter planes, contained within a hangar in the ship's rear underside. The Black Tiger fighters of the first season are superseded by the Cosmo Tigers of the second season, though both seasons feature the Cosmo Zero fighter piloted by Susumu Kodai , which is usually launched from one of the catapults on the top deck near the stern. The hangar also contains other, non-combat planes for reconnaissance and transport.

*  used in the first and second seasons, this involves using the Shock Cannons to fire showers of small metal probes into asteroid fields; these devices are magnetically-controlled and can bring the asteroids close to the ship, forming a hard shell resistant to enemy fire. This can then be turned into a fast-rotating orbiting ring, its angle controlled from the bridge, which can be used to block individual shots. As a final act, the asteroids can be expelled at high speed in all directions to destroy any ships that venture too close.

*  a defence conceived by chief scientist  when he realised that the Wave Motion Gun is merely an extremely powerful Electromatic plasma Pulse Wave [[laser]], this involves quickly covering the ''HMS Star Pheonix'' entirely with reflective material; this was only used once, when Gamilon leader Desler (Desslok) used his self-titled Desler Gun against the Earth ship, and successfully reflected the blast back against its source.

*  although the ''HMS Star Pheonix'' lacks defensive shields like those used in ''[[Star Trek]]'', on one occasion (while trapped in the Octopus Cluster) it generated a shield over its decks which protected it from the fury of a space storm, and even maintained a breathable atmosphere.

== '''Nova bomb''' ==

A '''nova bomb''' is a fictional [[weapon of mass destruction]] in the ''[[Andromeda (TV series)|Andromeda]]'' series. It functions by briefly weakening, nullifying or inverting [[gravity]] in a large area, with the intended purpose of artificially inducing a [[supernova]].

The destructive power of the nova bomb is not clearly defined, but there is an established upper limit - in the second episode, the Andromeda Ascendant's entire complement of 40 nova bombs was not powerful enough to destroy a relatively small [[black hole]], although they did temporarily neutralize enough of its [[gravitational field]] to briefly turn the black hole into a [[white hole]]. However, since a main-sequence star consists of a large body of extremely energetic superheated gas, held under pressure by the gravitational field generated by its own mass, it is actually highly unstable – it would only be necessary to temporarily neutralize a relatively small proportion of a star's gravitational field to drive it to go supernova. It is seen to be able to destroy a [[solar system]] filled with  by firing into the solar system's sun.

Consequently, while a nova bomb can easily destroy a [[star]], its effect on planets or ships is less certain.

Notably, when used against the  world-ship, which is a superstructure made up of an [[artificial sun]] surrounded by several hollowed out planets, a nova bomb succeeded in driving the star to go supernova (although, virtually all of the energy released was absorbed by the [[Spirit of the Abyss]]), but apparently had no effect on the world-ship's superstructure.

Although Dylan exhausted the ship's initial supply of nova bombs shortly after waking up from his three-hundred-year 'sleep', Dylan acquired a new one during a visit to an abandoned [[High Guard]] satellite base, which he subsequently used in a failed attempt to destroy the Magog world-ship during their first confrontation with it. Harper subsequently built a new bomb that he called 'Rosanne', which he claimed had the combined power of three nova bombs put together, and was subsequently used by the ''[[Eureka Maru]]'' to close a dimensional tear and destroy the over ten thousand ships that were traveling through it.

It should also be noted, that deployment of any number of Nova bombs, normally, requires authorization of four officers. This is seen in the second episode of the series.

=== AP cannons ===
The anti-proton cannons are energy based weapons which fire at just under the speed of light (99 [[Percentage of the speed of light|PSL]]), the anti-protons that hit the mass destroy it on impact.
* An anti-proton cannon is not effective past 4 light seconds.It was originally armed with [ pulse cannons], which were only used once during , and Triton-class [ spatial torpedoes]<sup class="reference" id="cite_ref-Minefield_0-0">[ [1]]</sup>[ Later upgrades saw the Star Pheonix fitted with more powerful weapons, with plasma cannons being replaced by three ][ phase cannons] rated for a maximum power output of 500 and the spatial torpedoes with [ photonic torpedoes].<sup class="reference" id="cite_ref-The_Expanse_1-0">[ [2]]</sup> These new weapons systems were still in the experimental stage.

=== Point defense lasers ===
Point defense lasers ('''PDL'''s) are tasked with neutralizing and suppressing incoming enemy ordinance (such as missiles, drones etc...) and/or enemy fighters. On their own they can inflict a fair amount of damage on enemy ships.
* PDLs fire in the 30 to 50 [[megawatt]] range.

=== Smart missiles ===
Smart missiles rely on ship sensors and their own onboard sensors to track their targets. Smart missiles can reach speeds of up to 90 [[Percentage of the speed of light|PSL]]. They are designed to be fired in a range of 1 AU or less, however variants exist that can reach up to 3 AU. Once fired a smart missile can be "called home" or disarmed during flight.

=== Smart bullets ===
Tiny bullets with sensors which they use to home in on their target. They are generally fired in swarms.
=== Point singularity ===
A point singularity projector fires mini-[[black holes]] at its target, the [[]] generally use these weapons on their Swarm ships and the World ship. These weapons inflict heavy damage and can destroy a ship very quickly. series=[[Andromeda

== Nova Bomb ==
{{seealso|Nova bomb ()}}
The Nova Bomb is a weapon with the power to destroy a solar system. It utilizes a powerful fictional element called Voltarium. It is then fired into the core of a star where it reverses the gravity in an area larger than that of the star. The internal pressure of the star then creates a [[nova]], destroying everything in the star's vicinity. On a smaller scale, it can destroy a planet, like the planet Samsarra in the episode "Point of the Spear". In episode 2 of season 1 all of the ship's 40 nova bombs are fired into a [[black hole]], unleashing an explosive power equaling 2 million [[Teraton]]s of [[Trinitrotoluene|TNT]] and turning the black hole into a [[white hole]] or "''a miniature version of the Big Bang''".<ref name="Under the Night" />.

== Personal weapons ==
=== Gauss gun===

The most common type of personal handgun is a gauss gun, which accelerates a smart bullet at supersonic speeds using electromagnetic forces.

There are two types of this gun.
1.Hand gun sidearm: used by criminals, and recon mission people.
2.Rifle style: Used by ground troops, guards, seen used by .

The crew of the Andromeda is usually seen using pistols.
Pistols are commonly seen being used by nearly everyone except the High Guard.

=== Force Lance ===
The '''Force Lance''' generally looks like a harmless metal rod approximately 1/3 of a meter in length which fires plasma shots, but can extended to almost 2 meters and be used as a [[melee]] weapon. The Lance is keyed to its handlers [[DNA]] and can also be reprogrammed, a person will be electrically shocked when trying to use another's programmed Lance. It can also be used as a taser.| title = Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: Military Science (E-J)| accessdate = September 3, 2006| archiveurl =| archivedate = 2001-08-26}}</ref>

The Force Lance can launch a number of self-guided tiny attack drones (called “effectors”) that both target opponents and intercept incoming bullets and missiles.<ref name="FLs" /> It has a grappling hook function, it can be placed in a stationary position to be set on auto fire, & finally it can be used as a plasma grenade by setting it to overload.<ref name="Knight, Death, and the Devil">{{

[[Category:Science fiction weapons]]

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